The company was founded in 1922 as a construction company. Towards the end of the 1950’s the company began to focus on real estate development, providing the supply needed to respond to the demand for residences that existed during the 1960’s.

In the early 1980’s, Espais Promocions Immobiliàries was created to bring together all the companies in the group. The shareholder participation of relevant financial entities in many of these subsidiary companies makes it an important business with its head offices in Barcelona.

Espais is one of the first real estate developers in Spain to be granted the AENOR ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Its activity in the city of
Barcelona as well as in the nearby metropolitan area stands out, with activity also developing in Tarragona, Lleida and other national regions such as Madrid, Andalusia and the Valencian Community.

It's International Expansion began in France extending to Poland and the United States, indicative of the Espais vocation to promote quality products within these markets.

Espais has extended its activity in the following ways; through the creation of a hotel chain Alma Hotels, and investing in offices and commercial Eurozone.

Any action which contributes to making Espais stronger is seen by the company as an excellent investment, creating with it a real sense of value and solidity. This in turn allows for growth and development and establishing ties with other companies looking to strengthen and diversify their own investments through their trust in Espais and in its future development path.